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The Game Awards Return with Glitz and a Muscle-Building Industry.

 The video gaming industry had its annual awards show on Thursday night, which is gradually becoming as important — and as long — as other forms of entertainment.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The stars of America's video gaming industry gathered on Thursday night for a long-awaited reunion at the Game Awards, dressed in blazers and bejewelled gowns, downing cocktails, trading business gossip, and hobnobbing with some of Hollywood's greatest names.

The grandiose gathering served as a sort of victory lap for the video game community. While the cinema business has been concerned about declining ticket sales and the threat of cannibalism from streaming services like as Netflix, the video gaming sector has thrived during the pandemic. According to the video game analytics firm Newzoo, an estimated 2.9 billion people — more than one out of every three people on the planet — have played a video game this year.

Since last year's event was hosted online due to the epidemic, Thursday's awards were a welcome opportunity for the industry to convene under one roof. On the red carpet at the massive Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, gaming superstars were joined by celebrities more known for their work in other sectors.

Sting, the rock music legend, opened the evening with a performance of "What Could Have Been," a sombre song from the Netflix series "Arcane," which is based on the video game blockbuster "League of Legends." "Enemy," another song from "Arcane," was performed by the popular band Imagine Dragons.

In a video spot, rapper and comedian Lil Dicky told some jokes. Paul George, a basketball superstar for the Los Angeles Clippers, towered above the audience. There were also appearances by television and film stars Will Arnett, Ming-Na Wen, Jim Carrey, and Keanu Reeves, some in person and some through video.

You would have been correct if you had picked up on a crossover theme. And if you received the impression that the Game Awards were similar to some other very lavish Los Angeles entertainment award shows, you were correct.

Geoff Keighley, the video game and television personality who created and hosted the annual event and tried, with seemingly endless reserves of energy and enthusiasm, to steer an increasingly antsy audience through more than three hours, was at the centre of the gaming industry's answer to the Oscars. of awards presentations and trailers for upcoming games, interspersed with music from the orchestra.Since its inception in 2014, the show has grown in popularity, attracting millions of new viewers each year on YouTube and Twitch. According to organisers, last year's totally remote version drew 83 million live streaming, and Mr. Keighley said after Thursday's presentation that he expected more people to watch live this year, though preliminary data were not yet available.

Mr. Keighley's delight originated from a simple reason: the industry was finally back together in the same room after nearly two years of Zoom conversations and virtual hangouts. In a post-show interview, he commented, "I missed it."

Many in the mask-wearing, invitation-only crowd expressed surprise that the event was actually taking place.

Hannah Kennedy, a Twitch streamer known as bnans, remarked in the crowded lobby following the concert, "It's amazing, but a little overwhelming." "We've been in quarantine for so long, but it's great to finally get to see everyone after two years."

In categories such as best action game and best art direction, more than two dozen prizes were given out. "It Takes Two," a two-player puzzle adventure game produced by Hazelight Studios about a married couple managing a divorce while travelling through a fantasy realm, won the most prestigious award, game of the year.

"Age of Empires IV" won best strategic game, "Halo Infinite" won a fan award called players' voice, and "Forza Horizon 5," a car-racing game, took home three honours from Microsoft's gaming business. Multiple prizes were also given to Arkane Studios' first-person shooting game "Deathloop."

A vote of industry experts and the general public chose the winners.

However, for many viewers, the awards were really a sideshow. The Game Awards are also utilised by the industry to announce new games and premiere trailers for upcoming releases. If audience reaction is any indicator, the fantasy game "Elden Ring" will remain one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the coming year.

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