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Pac-Man Community, a Facebook multiplayer game, is now available.

 Pac-Man Community, a multiplayer-focused twist on the popular arcade game, is coming to Facebook. This game will be available for users to play directly on Facebook. Genvid, a business that specialises in interactive live-streamed experiences, collaborated with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create this game.

Facebook announced in a statement earlier this week that users can play co-op Pac-Man with up to three other people to complete mazes while still competing for the greatest score. Players will collaborate in order to survive the troublesome ghosts, but they will also compete for the highest score in this game. You can create rooms to play with your friends, and Facebook Gaming streamers can use the Play with Streamer function to invite viewers to join their game. With its watch mode, Pac-Man Community includes what Facebook calls Facebook Interactives, which will be accessible in beta at launch.Viewers watching a live feed will be able to participate while also watching a gamer's live stream. Viewers can power up Pac-Man or the ghosts in Watch mode, which converts 2D mazes into an isometric 3D view. Users' maps can also surface in Watch mode, implying that players may be able to devise some intriguing tests for the AI-driven characters.Players will be able to play the game in its original form or construct their own levels. The game, like Mario Maker, would let users customise levels using creator tools. This could result in some fun player-made levels to play. "Gaming is a key element of the metaverse, and I'm looking forward to seeing games like this becoming more involved and immersive," says Mark Zuckerberg, Founder/CEO of Meta (just rebranded from Facebook).

     Pac-Man Community will be available for free on desktop and mobile versions of the Facebook app starting Monday for those interested in giving it a try. Pac-Man Community will be available only on Facebook. The development of this game demonstrates Facebook's desire to broaden its gaming options by allowing streamers to play games directly with their audiences. According to The Verge, the firm currently offers Twitch-like live broadcasting as well as the ability to play right from the app (and some that even stream from the cloud), and Pac-Man Community's take on a classic formula appears to be a good first move into interactive entertainment.

       Pac-Man Community has a lot of similarities to Pac-Man Live Studio, an Amazon-owned Twitch multiplayer Pac-Man game with a level editor that has yet to be released to the public despite an announcement in 2020. According to news reports, Bandai Namco, the game's partner, claims that despite their similarities, the games are vastly different.

"Pac-Man Community is a brand new Facebook instant game from Bandai Namco Entertainment and Genvid that will be released in December," a Bandai Namco spokeswoman said in a statement. "We don't have any specific Pac-Man Live Studio news to give today," he continued, "but we will convey updates and more Pac-Man news in the future."

      Pac-Man Live Studio, an Amazon-owned Twitch game, does not appear to have a bright future. Its official Twitter account is no longer active, and a previously functional URL concerning the game on Amazon Games' website still returns a 404 error, while a previously functional URL on Bandai Namco's website now connects to a Pac-Man game directory. This is a pointer that informs alt about what the game's creators are attempting to communicate to the public. However, even if Pac-Man Live Studio is no longer available, Pac-Man Community is now available on Facebook.

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